What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Increasing age, vaginal births, decreased estrogen levels with menopause, and increased destruction and decreased production of collagen tissue cause some changes in the vagina.

Decreased flexibility of the vagina, dryness, color changes in the vulva, sagging and asymmetric appearance of the inner lips, and volumeless outer lips can lead to both functional and aesthetic disorders in women. For these reasons, women undergo vaginal rejuvenation operations.

How is vaginal rejuvenation done?

The term vaginal rejuvenation (vaginal rejuvelation) is an expression that has been used in recent years. Vaginal rejuvenation is an expression given to all procedures applied to the vagina and external genital area that have lost their old form and firmness over the years due to both hormonal changes and destruction of collagen tissue.

What are the vaginal rejuvenation methods?

Vaginal rejuvenation, these procedures that aim not only to narrow the vagina anatomically but also to increase functional pleasure and sensitivity, are performed using several methods.

Vaginal rejuvenation methods are mainly as follows;

Surgical tightening of the vagina (vaginoplasty),
Laser vaginal tightening procedure,
Labioplasty (inner lip aesthetics.

With plastic surgery of the labia minora (labioplasty) and fat or collagen injections into the labia majora, the vagina regains its former narrowness, its elasticity increases, the external appearance of the vulva becomes younger, and the labia majora gain a more voluminous, youthful appearance.