Vaginal whitening with laser

Laser vaginal whitening is a treatment performed to reduce the darkness of the vulva, which turns dark over time. The most important reason for the browning of the vaginal area is the concentration of estrogen hormone in these tissues. Estrogen hormone stimulates the cells called melanocytes, which cause darkening in the vaginal area under the influence of sunlight, and causes darkening in the vaginal area.

Color lightening in the genital area has recently become one of the most common treatments for patients. Patient satisfaction is especially high in the laser genital area color lightening process. A relatively light pink vulva of the female genital area, free of hair, is more appreciated.

Why is color lightening and whitening done with laser?

Darkening of color in the genital area can affect women psychologically. Especially in sexual intercourse, problems such as lack of self-confidence and shame about the genital area are frequently experienced. The idealized appearance is pinkish, plump and shiny.

How is color lightening (whitening) done with laser?

Laser genital area lightening and whitening treatments take approximately 20-30 minutes on average. Local anesthesia or sedation (light sleep) anesthesia can be performed. The main principle in the laser lightening process is the peeling of the upper skin layer called ‘epidermis’ with the thermal (heat transmitting) effect of the laser. In this way, the dark skin will peel off and will be replaced with lively, bright and pinkish skin that makes you look younger.

Generally, a single session is sufficient. If necessary, more than one session can be performed. 30-40% color lightening can be achieved with a single session, so the results are quite satisfactory.